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Music Video
Grausame Töchter: Liebe will Beweise
Music Video
NOFX - Secret Society
Australian movie
My Mistress
(6/Aug/2014) A new movie from Australia, shown in the Melbourne film festival, tells the sory of a 16 year old boy and his encounter with the professional dominatrix who lives down the street...

See also "My Mistress" official website and the trailer on Vimeo:

MY MISTRESS OFFICIAL TRAILER from My Mistress Movie on Vimeo.

German Fetish Ball 2014 German Fetish Ball 2014
(12/Jun/2014) First photos from the German Fetish Ball 2014 and the Fetish Guerilla Revolution Party are now online on my Facebook-Page.

More Videos coming soon...

The Machine The Machine
(15/Apr/2014) Movie Tip: "The Machine" (2013)
British Independent Sci-Fi Thriller featuring the beautiful Caity Lotz as an artificial liveform.

For about ten minutes she wears nothing but a transparent latex suit - in the beginning even shortly with a completely closed hood. The latex was made by Libidex for the movie.

Besides from the fetish value the movie is really well made for a rather low budget independent production.
Europerve Resurrection 2013(27/Sep/2013) It's year two since the resurrection of Amsterdam's legendary Europerve party and again the people at Demask managed to create an extravagant evening of latex and leather fun in an unusual location in Amsterdam's harbour area.

In a hall that apparently was originally used to repair small ships and with a nice outside area on a pier and a lounge on an actual boat this strict dresscode party featured a number of nice shows and lots of play and dance.

Photographer Erik Peculiardesires ( has shared his very nice photos of the event with us.
[You can see them here.]

1946 - 2013
Jeff Gord

(07/Sep/2013) The world of BDSM has lost one of it's greatest geniuses, a man who inspired countless others who now work in this field and create new material.

Jeff Gord ("House of Gord") was the absolute master of Forniphilia, human furniture and other extreme bondage constructions. He has left his mark in our scene and will live on not only in his work but also in that of everyone that followed him.

Good bye, Jeff Gord.

German Fetish Ball 2013
Rachael Vee sings "Born this way"


Fashionshow "Lovely latex by Brigitte More"

Latex Burlesque Dance by Onna Sakura:

Fashionshow "Bondinage"

Fashionshow "Dekadenzia Couture"

Fashionshow "Lüllepop"

Fashionshow "Inner Sanctum"

Fashionshow "Amatoris"

European Fetish Awards

Latex Burlesque show by Tara la Luna

Rachael Vee sings "It's a man's world" to scenes of the fashion shows

The full video (74min, HD 720) of all shows
and including those scenes
not suitable for YouTube
can be downloaded at Clips4Sale.

New Video
Wie eine Spinne
(30/Apr/2013) L.A.TEX presents: Our fourth videoclip for German Band "Grausame Töchter", the song is called "Wie eine Spinne" (Like a spider):
Fantastic Rubber Catsuit Recall
Fantastic Rubber
(12/Mar/2013) Several years ago, Fantastic Rubber has pioneered the "zip free" neck entry latex catsuit and in the meantime they have become one of the largest manufacturer of latex catsuits in Europe, innovating new styles and designs all the time.

Now they offer a unique "recall" for some of their 2009 catsuits (with serial numbers up to #500). These early catsuits may not always be up to today's standards, so Fantastic Rubber offer to replace them with a brand new catsuit for only 100 Euros. All optional extras of the original catsuit will also be added to the replacement.

This seems to be a unique offer and is a highly commendable sign of good service.
New music videos by L.A.TEX
Grausame Töchter
Alexander Horn, the man behind this website and L.A.TEX recently created three music videos for German band 'Grausame Töchter' (Cruel Daughters) and of course all of those videos have latex in them:

Grausame Töchter: Ich darf das!

Grausame Töchter: Tabu

Grausame Töchter - Tanz für Dich (offizielles Video) (Full HD) from Alexander Horn on Vimeo.

New photo book
High Gloss Dolls
(21/Nov/2012) Katja Ehrhardt, the innovative latex fashion designer of "Frl. Ehrhardt" and acclaimed fetish photographer has just released her first book, called "High Gloss Dolls", just like her website.

High Gloss Dolls Book It features over 100 pages of most beautifully designed photographs of some of the prettiest latex clad models of the fetish scene. Definetely a book that you can show people outside the scene to let them know that there is more than just black heavy rubber.

A book of fine fetish art to keep and at 19.90 Euros reasonably priced.

More at the Goliath website.
Party Photos
(15/Nov/2012) Photoreport from the ''Dominatrix'' Party on Nov. 10th, 2012 near Amsterdam and the Dinner Party before that, featuring the presentation of the Miss Fetish Europe contest.

[The Photos are here]
Dominatrix Party Photo

and there is also a videoclip of the Ectomorph fashion show.
Aranea Peel interviewed
(29/Oct/2012) The german fetish video podcast RFTV has just posted an interview with Aranea Peel from the band 'Grausame Töchter'. You can watch it here. It's subtitled in English for those who don't speak German.
Demask's EUROPERVE is back
Europerve Resurrection(29/Sep/2012) In the 1990s, Demask's annual 'Europerve' party at the ARTIS Zoo in Amsterdam was one of the hottest fetish events in the world, rivaled at the time only by Skin Two's 'Rubber Ball'. Later, first Europerve and then the Rubber Ball first lost their venues and then eventually disappeared.

Nine years after the last anual 'Europerve' Anton and Louva the new and enthusiastic owners of Demask have decided to bring that fetish event back and so on September 29th, 2012, the first new 'Europerve' was held in Amsterdam. In a three story location in central Amsterdam and with a very strict dresscode, the party was a gathering of fetishist from all over Europe in amazing and wonderful fetish outfits.

Hosted by the great Ancilla Tilia, dressed up as a wonderful rubber doll, Demask presented their new line of men's latex fashions in a huge fashion show. Other shows and performances captured the audience while the well equipped playrooms saw a lot of action too.

Photographer Erik Peculiardesires ( has shared his very nice photos of the event with us.
[You can see them here.]
Heavy Rubber L.A.TEX in print
Heavy Rubber
(23/July/2012) The new issue of Peter Czernich's Heavy Rubber magazine features a cover image by Alexander Horn (L.A.TEX), showing Kay Morgan in an inflatable latex alien outfit as well as 24 pages inside with pictures by him.

Also featured are photos by great german photographer Ronny Thiele as well as photosets with Lacy Black and Psylocke. This issue is sure to become a collectors item, so get yours now!Heavy Rubber Pages
Matt Tragic Death by Vacbed
R.I.P. Matt (Mad Scientist)
(31/May/2012) Matt (aka Mad_Scientist) of Kink Engineering from Toronto has passed away due to a tragic accident with a vacbed. He was only 35 years old.

As explained on Kink Engineerings Blog, he apparently did a vacbed session while being alone and died because of complications caused by a very tight neck opening.

This serves as a reminder not to do any vacbed play or other potentially dangerous games while being unsupervised.

I never met Matt in person, but we had email contact, I frequently read his blog and even bought some of his amazing latex products. He seemed to be one of the most enthusiastic and innovative people in the latex community and his death is a loss to all of us.
Demask is Back on Stage
(22/Dec/2011) For over a decade Demask was well known for its extravagant and latex filled stage shows at their own legendary Europerve in Amsterdam and many other fetish parties across Europe. However in recent years those pervy rubbery stage shows were missing from the party scene.

Now with the new owners Anton and Louva, Demask is picking up the pace again and have recently done their first new stage show at the Wasteland party in Amsterdam. With both well known fetish models and pervy dominatrixes and slaves, the pervy range of Demasks outfits was thrown into a true latex orgy on stage for an enthusiastic audience.

Looking forward to more cool shows from Demask soon. Rumours have it that even the legendary Europerve itself might make a return soon...

There is also an in-depth description of the whole show from Luke Lenz over at Demask's own website.Demask show at Wasteland
Kink in the Caribbean
Book released
Susan Wayland
(11/Apr/2011) As reported here before, at the Leipzig book fair in March, a new book featuring Norman Richter's photographs of Susan Wayland was premiered and is now available.

Susan WaylandSway, as she is known for short, has worked together with her photographer boyfriend Norman and publishing house Horgen Books to produce a 192 page photobook featuring 230 photos from a total of 15 different shootings, most of them in latex.

The book looks and feels very classy, with very high quality print and it has only very little text, leaving lots of room for the high gloss photos of the living work of art that is Sway. The photos present a fantastic fetish dream girl wearing lots of different shiny latex outfits in several exotic locations. A must have for every Sway fan and anybody else who is into living high gloss latex dolls.

The hardcover book is priced at € 39,90 and can be ordered at Horgen Books.

Related Link: Sway's Official Website.
Rubbers Japanese Movie
(12/Aug/2010) A new movie is out on DVD in Japan, called "Rubbers". It is the story of a young woman with a latex fetish and her problems with men who do not understand her fetish and have problems dealing with it.

The DVD comes in Japanese with no subtitles, so I did not understand a word but still liked the movie. I am hoping that they will put out a subtitled version on DVD at some point.

For now, here is the trailer, the offical website (in Japanese) and you can order the DVD here.
Firefox Persona Firefox 3.6
New Persona, anyone?
(6/Feb/2010) Are you using the new Firefox 3.6? If so, you may have learned about the new "Personas" available for that browser, which are in fact some sort of skins to put on your browser window. A large number of ''Personas'' are already available and I have created one too, with a latex theme of course.

You can find it at
I Kissed A Girl in the Red Dress
The Girl Is Back
Dirty Step Upstage(3/Feb/2009 - written by Tim Hayes) Amber Moelter still loves latex. Her turn in a catsuit for the short film Catwoman: Resolution caught the attention of fetish fans in 2007, and her new YouTube mash-up of Katy Perry's I Kissed A Girl proves that she still gets a kick out of wearing a sexy latex outfit. "I could live in this red dress all day." she laughs.

The YouTube clip mixes the song with glimpses of Amber's new film, Dirty Step Upstage, and of the character known for now just as Girl In The Red Dress. "The red latex dress was a happy accident," she says. "I searched for the perfect red dress to suit the film, but nothing was right. Then I remembered Laura at Vex Clothing in Chicago, who I worked with on Catwoman: Resolution, and it all came together. The dress is seriously sexy. Wearing it makes me feel powerful...and slightly evil."

Some evil thoughts may have occurred to late-night partygoers in London's Soho, where the scenes were filmed. "By the time we got on set I forgot that the crew members and extras hadn't already seen it. It wasn't until I was walking around on the seediest streets of Soho in it at midnight after the shoot that I remembered the power of a latex dress. The guys checking me out were probably wondering which club I worked in."

For Amber, the reactions the dress gets from other people is key to its appeal. "When I'm that character in front of the cameras I feel an amazing empowerment," she says. "In between shots I actually forget I'm wearing it, but when someone new sees it I'm reminded of its subversiveness. The reaction that the dress garners is part of what makes it a turn on to wear."

Catwoman-ResolutionThe last time Amber caused a stir in latex, it was thanks to the spectacular purple and black catsuit created by Vex for Catwoman: Resolution. "As soon as I put on a latex catsuit I fell in love. In the latex I just felt so agile and sexy. The outfit in Resolution felt really revealing, even though there was actually a little black body-suit over the purple one so I was really wearing more layers than a straight catsuit. With the garters drawing attention to my upper thighs and my butt sticking out, it's much more of a dominatrix style." More Catwoman projects are planned, and if Amber gets her way they'll feature an even more dramatic version of the iconic catsuit.

"Latex is like the sexiest woman you know," she jokes. "No matter the situation, you can't take your eyes off her. You cannot help but slip away to the dark parts of your mind and think about what you could do with her."

Related Links:
ALM Talkies
Dirty Step Upstage

Fly with me my black swan Book Giveaway:
Fly with me my black swan
(15/Jan/2014) Updated:(06/March/2014) Polish-German author Edyta Zaborowska wrote a novel with lots of autobiographical elements in it. It tells the story of a woman who is introduced by her partner to the world of latex, fetish and BDSM and how that affects her life in lots of different aspects. This is not some "50 shades of ignorance", this is a story by someone who has lived it and knows what she is writing about.

The book is available both in German and in English language.

Our giveaway has ended - the winner is master-a****@***.**.

You can order the book at and elsewhere.
Freedom of the internet? That's so 20th century...
Taliban Online
(ah-12/Sep/2012) In the past years religious extremists have gained more and more influence over the internet. Censorship standards have moved from common sense to the view of the Taliban and other religious extremist groups worldwide.

You think I am exaggerating? Well, let's look at what you can do on Facebook, YouTube and other big online communities: You can upload imagery of people being killed and mamed, shot in the face, head split open and other extremely violent material and it is usually accessible to children worldwide. But upload anything remotely erotic and it gets banned and deleted. I am not even talking about porn or nudity, not even soft erotic material but anything that someone might find erotic.

What's the message to new generations here? Hate and violence are okay, you should arm yourself and live in fear, but never ever think about sex. Make war, not love! And at the same time we wonder why kids get more and more violent?

You might disagree and say that you can find lots of soft erotic material on those communities, but for how long? Sure some material is slipping though the censorship net but that net gets tighter and tighter each year. Christian groups in the USA and Europe are still demanding more censorship on erotic material while there seems to be no strong lobby that wants to protect children from extremely violent material online. A videoclips of someone being bound, gagged and tortured? It's okay, as long as it is really violent and the victim is clearly not enjoying it. If the victim is a bloody lifeless corpse in the end it's okay for audiences worldwide. However if it is just erotic play and the victim survives, it's perverted and must be banned. Where is the logic in that? It's the same in movies: Show a person being bound, gagged, tortured and killed and it's PG13 but show a couple just using a set of handcuffs for play and it's rated R or worse.

Technically the censorship process is still something that cannot be fully automated but has to be checked and controlled by people. As usual in today's world workers in the west are too expensive and the internet censor jobs are shipped overseas. So your images might be checked by someone in India, Egypt or Pakistan with no clear standards given by the companies, so the censors will just fill the void with their personal (and religious) standards. In other words: Christian extremists in the USA might employ muslim extremists to check your material. Isn't it great how religious extremists worldwide can get along when it comes to bigotery?

So where is the internet going when we have to obey by any religious standard worldwide? No pictures of women at all? Welcome to the Internet 3.0...
Latex on TV:
Austrias next topmodel
Austria's next topmodel(20/Feb/2012) Our friends at HW Design Vienna have supplied the TV show "Austrias next topmodel" with a number of latexcatsuits for their models.

The episode is also available online, you can see it here. (starts at 5:28)
Marcus Gloger:
Shadow Vegas
(16/Jan/2012) Marcus Gloger is a very talented fetish photographer from Germany. Now he seems to have a new interesting project in the works, a graphic novel called "Shadow Vegas".
[Click here to see his trailer for it on YouTube]
Fetish Map London New Issue out now:
Fetish Map London
(15/Dec/2011) The seventh annual issue of the Fetish Map London is out now, again providing a comprehensive overview of everything that might be of interest to fetish enthusiasts in the city of London, including shops, venues, services and other kinky stuff.

If you are going to London any time soon, make sure to get your copy so you don't miss some of the very highlights.

More Info here:
German Fetish Internet Television:
RFTV(13/Sep/2011) A new internet television channel has recently been established in Germany, dealing exclusively with fetish and bdsm topics.

Unfortunatelly for our international readers, RFTV is only in german language, but the videos have been professionally produced and look good.

Nice start, we hope there will be more to come...

Link: RFTV
Under new management
Anton & Louva the new Demask owners(3/Aug/2011) After more than twenty years, Demask founder Steve English has sold the company including the Demask shops, production facilities and website to his long time right hand man Anton Koot and his wife, the fetish model Louva.

Anton has been effectively running Demask for a number of years, so he knows the territory and the change in power might bring some fresh wind into one of the oldest and largest latex makers in the world.

We wish them the best of luck and are looking forward to working with them.
New Page:
Fetish Books
(09/Jul/2011) There is a new page here on, all about Fetish Books. The first four are online now, more to come in the future...
Obsession Latex on the catwalk
Marc Jacobs
(15/Feb/2011) Famous fashion designer Marc Jacobs teamed up with London's latex label 'House of Harlot' to include several latex designs in his new collection presented at a fashion show in New York this week.

"I wanted something strict and severe" Marc Jacobs said of his new collection, a counterpoint to the loose and fluid designs of his last collection.

Polka dots and latex seem to be the most significant fashion statements of Jacobs' newest outing, so let's see how this translates into everyday fashion...

The fashion show can be seen at
Rubber Life New Book
Rubber Life
(20/Jan/2011) Rasmus is a fetish blogger (3xL), and a latex fetishist, and he has a rubber loving girlfriend. Seems like he is living the dream of so many latex fetishists, so what can he do for the scene?

He wrote a book, explaining it all. So if you ever wanted to know what latex items to get, how to take care of them, how to find likeminded people or even that special someone and much more, you might want to get his new book "Rubber Life", which was released on Jan.20th.

Official website.
Queen Gaga
(8/Dec/2009) She is already well known for her extreme outfits that often include fetish items, but now pop singer Lady Gaga met a woman even more known for her unique fashion style, Queen Elisabeth II yesterday at a charity event, and the Gaga girl from New York dressed up for the occasion in a very dramatic red latex dress with ruffles and everything. An interesting compromise between provocative style and classic look.

I just hope she didn't have sweat dripping out of her sleeves when she shook the Queen's hand. ;-)

More here: NY Post - MTV - NY Times - Daily Mail
Veronica Hoffman Foundation
(16/Nov/2009) As reported here, on August 2nd, 2009, my friend, the 29 year old fetish model, -performer and dominatix Veronica Hoffman died from suicide caused by depression.

Now her closest friends, including her partner Joseph Bishara and The Fetishistas' Tony Mitchell are establishing the "Veronica Hoffman Foundation" in her memory with the aim to help other people from the scene that may be affected by depression and related health problems.

More Info at The Fetishistas.
Fetish themed movie
(20/Dec/2008) "Justify" - frankly I don't know much about the movie, but the trailer looks promising.

In Germany, the film is sold under the title "Sweet Karma".
Have a look!

[Official "Justify" Website]

Thanks to LatexNews-reader Edwin for the tip.
Latex Wiki
(5/May/2007) Rasmus, the man behind the well known fetish blog 3XL from Denmark has just started a new project: A latex encyclopedia, the "Latex Wiki". He says that Wikipedia have now purged 99% of their fetish content and therefore the need to create an encyclopedia devoted mainly to latex fetish content became imminent. Now it just needs to be filled with content, so go ahead and join in the (latex) fun!

Related Sites:
Latex Wiki
Frl. Ehrhardt:
High Gloss Dolls
(27/Dec/2006) German latex designer ''Fräulein Ehrhardt''
has made a name for herself designing sexy latex items for women that are equally at home in high fashion as they are in the fetish scene. Katja Ehrhardt, former designer for Marquis fashion, has developed a very unique style of latex items with that certain female touch.

For a while now, she has also been doing her own latex photography, taking pictures of beautiful models in her own latex designs. Finally, she has opened a website with her own photography, aptly named "HighGloss Dolls". Very nice!
Imagination and Creativity:
(27/Feb/2006) Karin and Wanco, a japanese rubber couple from Tokyo have been designing their own very colourful rubber clothes for some time now. Their great imagination and playfulness make for some very extraordinary colourful and unique latex outfits. They have taught themselves how to make latex by trial and error over the years and now that they have perfected their craft, they are teaching their friends and are holding latex design parties where everybody works together in designing their own latex outfits.

They have also improved the vacbed into a very interesting "3D Vacubox" where the subject enters standing up.